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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Tips for Finding Special Deals on Clothing Gear?

Visit their website regularly as special offers are easily put online. Customers can also visit their stores at the nearest malls or shopping centres to see what is on offer in store.

✅ What Times Should Customers go to in order to find special deals on clothing?

Towards the end of the year mostly and beginning of the year as well. Crazy deals are on offer during the january season.Another great time for deals is when seasons change,as we approach winter new winter stock will come thereby meaning old summer stock will go on clearance sales.

✅ Should Customers look for Clothing Deals in Florida ?

As long they have a Legit Branch in Florida then go fo it. Their deals and promotions are standardised across South Africa so you do not have to worry about not getting deals in other Legit branches

✅ Good Deals on Hunting Clothing?

No! They usually concentrate on fashion trends on clothing

✅ Any Black Friday Deals on Tall clothing?

Yes! A variety of clothes is put on black friday deals so there is a lot to choose from on black friday