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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ What do snatch of the week deals all about for Snatcher Online?

The Snatch of the week deals are the best online deals in South Africa. These are where they offer a wide range of products at big discounts.

✅ Where I could find all the best sellers product which has a big discount?

You can visit Snatcher Online best sellers page to check their best selling products that most of the customers love and enjoy the big discounts.

✅ How could I get the latest promotions and offer of Snatcher Online?

Snatcher Online is sending an email for their latest products and offer, you can just simply join their mailing list.

✅ Does Snatcher Online items have a warranty even if I buy them at a discounted price?

Yes, even you buy them with a discounted price all of Snatcher Online electronics item has a 6 months limited warranty and cannot be extended. However, Snatcher Online general homeware/kitchen items will only be replaced if received broken and do not have a warranty.