Builders Specials & Latest Catalogues – April 2024

Builders Hot Deals, Catalogues and Specials

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Frequently Asked Questions
βœ… What Hardware Special Deals Do Builders Targeting for Black Friday?

A variety of hardware is usually placed on the black friday promotions. From stoves to JOJO Tanks are placed on promotions with a lot more as well

βœ… Where Can Customers Go for Hardware Special Deals?

At any Builders store, you are guaranteed to get great deals because their systems are standardised and each month catalogues for specials are issued

βœ… How Do Customers Keep Track of all the Builders special deals?

You can regularly check on their website to see if they have promotions and you can also download their monthly catalogue. You can also peep into their nearest builders shop and check for any great deals on offer

βœ… Do Builders Stores Have Good Deals on Cement?

Yes! At all Builders stores they run great promotion deals on hardware merchandise from building materials to a homeware accessories