Sure Travel Specials & Latest Catalogues – November 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Do they have any holiday special deals and promotions to offer?

Yes, customers don't need to stay at home, they can come and try on their special deals that they will surely enjoy!

✅ How to join to your desk traveler club?

You only need to sign up for our mailing list and you don't only be able to join our desk traveler club but you will also be able to get our newsletter for all the best deals that our agency has to offer.

✅ How can customers get special deals on travel packages?

By subscribing on their website for notifications for new promotions

✅ What promotions and special deals does Sure Travels have to offer?

They offer the best deals that customers don't want to say NO! They are experienced, professional travel agents across South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. They offer a great holiday package with special flights. They also do car hire for your tour which would be less hassle to our customers.