Shoprite SA Specials & Latest Catalogues – December 2023

Shoprite SA Hot Deals, Catalogues and Specials

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Frequently Asked Questions
βœ… What Are The Best Grocery Promotions?

Promotions run on a variety of items on a monthly basis and all promotions are a great deals.

βœ… Which Shoprite Stores Can Customers Get Better Promotions?

All shoprite stores offer the same prices and promotion deals which means at any shoprite that you go you can get the same deals

βœ… How Can Customers Figure Out The Best Promotion Deals at Shoprite Grocery Stores?

We issue catalogues every month with Promotions of our product items. You can check in store for what is currently on promotion

βœ… Do They Have An App That Tells You About Promotions On Grocery Items?

At the moment No! We have monthly catalogues that we isuue every month that detail the promotions we have on offer

βœ… Which Grocery Stores Have The Best Deals in Durban?

All Shoprite stores have standardised systems meaning the prices and promotions are all the same