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Frequently Asked Questions
โœ… What are the best deals right now for a heavy data user with two iphones?

Just switch to unlimited $150 for two lines (after autopay discount)

Unlimited calls and texts. Free HBO and mobile hotspot too.

โœ… Best deals for internet with no data caps?

That's absolutely jacked. I dropped Mediacom awhile ago, but when I had them I was paying 60 for 200mbps and 2000gb cap.

โœ… I need unlimited data bad why no deals ever?

Maybe try MetroPCS?

โœ… Are there any studies or industry data to support the impact of exclusivity deals?

I'm not sure of any market research available which supports it being bad in either way, but based on observation, its perceived value is to allow a particular vendor to market their hardware exclusively for people who "must have" a certain title.

However, nowadays, there are so many different titles that are fun to play that it's easy to forget about the titles one really did want at the time and if it turns out to be a timed exclusive, those people who wanted them in the past for their platform will most likely end up purchasing it when they become available.

Unless they're entirely a complete exclusive for a given platform or piece of hardware, I question their efficacy other than to stir up the PR pot which is probably an effective marketing tactic and definitely puts things into light.

โœ… Any free data cell phone deals here?

Sadly, yes. Vodafone has Vodafone Pass, and Telekom has StreamOn. [Here is a description from Der Spiegel](, including some minor pitfalls (eg these packages are only available with a 2-year running time, and have no effect once youโ€™ve used up your normal data allowance).

You are of course free to buy whatever you like, but know that by buying these services you are encouraging the companies to provide more of these anti-competitive and anti-net-neutrality packages, which, in the long run, will hurt consumers like you most of all.