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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Can customers order promotion items online if they don't live in South Africa?

Yes, they can place an order from anywhere in the world. However, at this stage, they only deliver to certain areas within South Africa.

✅ Can customers Use A special deals Voucher Online? How Do they Redeem It?

Yes, they do accept promotional voucher codes and rewards. Here is how to redeem a voucher code:

1) If you have a voucher which you would like to redeem, you will need to enter your voucher code in the section labeled “Payment Summary”.
2) Once the voucher code has been entered, click the ‘APPLY’ link and your shopping bag will be discounted.

✅ Why did they recommend us to apply for a store card?

So you could enjoy our store's special deals, discounts, promotions and many more.

✅ If customers purchase an eGift Card, can they earn more rewards and special deal vouchers?

Absolutely yes, they will earn a Rewards & More voucher on any purchase you make, including eGift Cards

✅ Is there any advantage if I will be subscribing to your newsletter?

It definitely has! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you will be the first one to know about our latest deals, competitions and newest products.