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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ How do customers redeem vouchers they got on promotion?

It‘s easy! Simply enter your coupon code under your Order Summary in Secure Checkout.

✅ Can customers buy gift vouchers on special deals and promotion?

Yes, they can! Under the tab, “Gifting” select “Gift Card” and follow the process. Once they have added the gift card to their cart and paid, they will be emailed with the gift voucher.

✅ How do I pay using my credit card?

During secure checkout, under Choose Payment Method, select Credit Card as your payment option. You will then be able to enter your credit card details. This process is completely safe and secure.

✅ How long will orderws take to arrive (International) when a product is bought whilst on promotion?

Delivery is estimated at 3 or 4 weeks following dispatch from our warehouse. However, seasonal peaks, delays in customs and other factors outside of their control may occasionally cause the delivery to take longer than the estimated time.

✅ Where can customers view promotions and deals online?

Visit their website under the "Promotions" tab customers can view all the promotions they offer. Also, they can sign up for a newsletter and get the latest deals and discounts.